Friday, May 23, 2014


Artists develop art making skills. 
I learned techniques and processes like how to draw hairs delicately.
I explored media by using transparent paper which I have never used for a drawing.
I gained skill with familiar materials.  I had used art pencils often but never in my life have I done it on transparent paper. This was a big leap for me. 

Artists communicate through their work.
This is a self-expression drawing that is intended to say we are all dead inside. The top transparency paper shows the skin on top of the skeleton that we see every day.  The bottom paper shows a skull. When you put them together you can see them both. While we are very alive at this moment, time will eventually show the skeleton instead. It also shows that while we have this perfect-picture view of ourselves, our true form lies just beneath the skin.  I mean that literally and metaphorically.

Artists take risks.
- try new things: I know we all have skulls and organs and such. You don't really think about these things though, especially when you're drawing. To look at the skull and draw from that was new to me.
- experiment: I tried several different ways to do the hair.  I still have not completely gotten it down and I will have to continue to practice. There are a lot of online art tutorials that help. I think with this project I definitely should have asked mrs Rossi for more help.
It was interesting how we physically felt our faces to feel where the bones are compared to our facial features. Another thing that got to me was that I do not believe our skulls are 100% the same size and shape.  We all have bigger or smaller heads, different jaw lines, etc.

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