Tuesday, May 20, 2014

PARALLEL FINAL for Art 3 Honors 
Artists communicate through their work.
I am self expressing, including personal interests and examining important issues. 
I would say this is an issue considering it is popping up in the news every few weeks for years now. 
I am expressing the issue of whether gay marriage should be legal or not.
Obviously, I believe it should be legalized.
My artwork is showing the rainbow "gay flag" along with two wedding rings.
This shows that I am accepting of others decisions and opinions. 

Artists take risks.
I definitely tried new things in this project. The final project as shown above is made from ultra fine point sharpie markers, colored pencils, and the rings are made of a mixture of oil pastels. 
The reason I say I experimented so much with this project is because this is my 3rd attempt. I have tried painting it, simply drawing it in pencil, and using chalk pastels. They were all way too messy and made me frustrated.  I just went with the media I am best at using. 

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