Monday, May 19, 2014


so in art 3 honors we are doing a parallel project.
we were instructed to find something going on in the world that relates to us somehow.
then we are making an art piece to represent that event.
it can be historical like hitler, or be recent like the black bear on NC state campus.

I have been reading the paper for weeks, skimming over all of the articles. Even if they were interesting, none of them really related to me. I found a reoccuring theme: gay marriage.

I have decided to do my art piece on the support of gay marriage.
I am not gay nor am I trying to marry someone who is gay, but I find this topic to be really important to me.
It really gets to me when people protest against people being able to marry who they love.

Love is love. I think the government is violating our freedom to religion.
The only ones protesting against gay marriage are up-tight, bitchy christians that believe everyone else has to believe what they believe.
Two guys or two girls getting married is not affecting your "perfect, straight marriage" so why do others feel the need to go out of their way to ruin someone's chances of being happily married?

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