Monday, May 19, 2014

Artists take risks and Artists develope art making skills:
After several terrible attempts to make an illusion-like drawing on paper, I have been accepted into a group. We used sidewalk chalk and chalk pastels on brick. We blended the colors in with cardboard. On the very left you see trees and mountains. In the middle you see pyramids and a camel. On the right you see an ocean with a lighthouse. After a comment from a teacher, I had added a shadow to the lighthouse. It did not make sense to not have a shadow beside it.  Also, I shaded the pyramids to look more realistic. I think everyone that worked on this piece did an amazing job. An idea I cannot take credit for but really liked was the brick-shadowing. The bricks were colored in on the edges in such a way that it makes it look like the image in there in the background. Like the bricks are cut out so you can see the image. I really like this whole piece. I personally think it is the best mural in the court yard.

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