Monday, June 2, 2014

                                                        FIGURE DRAWING BLOG 
Artists take risks.
In this project I tried something new. I had to measure Hannah accurately and try to put her life-size body on paper. I have never done this before. The dark red paper we used was even more of a risk. The charcoal was the biggest risk.  I wanted to use a normal graphite pencil but it was too light on the red paper. I could not see anything. 
Artists develop art making skills.
I learned techniques and processes in this work. I also explored media and really used charcoal a lot more. I found this challenging because you cannot erase charcoal very well since it is so dark. Also, it is very messy. I had fingerprints and hand prints all over the outside of my work. 
Artists solve problems.
In this work, I tried alternative solutions to my problems. This includes how I blended the charcoal. I had tried several things. I tried my hands, paper towel, and tortillions. The tortillions worked well for smaller parts but the paper towel worked well for larger parts. 

I used my mistakes as learning opportunities. 

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