Monday, June 2, 2014


Artists take risks.
-try new things: I have never used a scratch board before. I do not like it. I can not control how much pressure I use with the carving pencil thing. It is difficult because I cannot just erase it like I can with a pencil. I experimented with the scratch board a lot and found that animal fur is the easiest most practical thing to do on a scratch board because that fur affect is what is most easily achieved. 

Artists develop art making skills.
- learn techniques and processes: I learned techniques with this, like to draw from where the hair is coming from (or in this case draw from where the feathers are coming from)
- explore media: the media in this case is the scratch board and scratcher pencil. I have never picked up either of these in my life until this project. It looks like a thin flexible mirror covered in dark black goo that dried.

Artists solve problems.
- try alternative solutions: There was really no way to erase or undo what I did with the scratcher. the only way to fix it was to make the area around it more light also.
- use mistakes as learning opportunities: next time around I will try different materials and practice the pressure I use with my hand. 

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